Frequently Asked Questions

Which parts of the curriculum does Manic Math cover?

We cover most topics in Number and Algebra from Primary School to Middle School and even into Senior School. Checkout our Curriculum page to view all the details of what we cover.

Do you need to sign up a class to use Manic Math?

There's no class signup required! Only the person starting the class quiz needs to be signed in to an account. Your students just need to enter the quiz pin that is generated when you start a quiz to be able to play.

How do I start a class quiz?

You can start a class quiz in just 2 minutes! Checkout the video below that will walk you through the steps.

How can I provide feedback?

Use our live chat feature, it's the purple chat icon at the bottom-right of your screen or anywhere else you see it on our website. We love getting feedback, so good, bad or ugly send it our way 😃

How do I report a bug or an issue with Manic Math?

You can use the purple chatbox in the bottom right hand corner of this page or anywhere else you see it on our website. To make it as easy for us as possible would you be able to include an answer to as many of the following questions as possible (thanks in advance!) 🙂

What platform did you experience the bug on? (eg. iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Edge, etc)
Where in the game did you experience the bug? (eg. Loading Screen, Creating a Quiz, Playing Question 3 in Class)
Can you describe what the bug was?
If you know how to reproduce the bug, can you tell us the steps?
If you feel comfortable doing so, it would be really helpful if you leave your email as we may need want to ask you a few more questions to help us understand what happened. Note that our chat service is secure and we won't use this email to contact you for any reason other than to investigate the bug further.

How quickly will you respond?

If we’re online (which we are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST) then immediately! Otherwise we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

Other ways to contact us at Manic Math?

You can find us on socials.

Or send us an email: